Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Passover everyone!!! :)
The vacation is going great, i'm having so much fun, travelling to places,movies, friends, shopping  :D
I was again in H&M, at list 3 times only this week. I bought new Jacket - kind of MJ style, new tights & black leggings. I almost bought a Floral dress bought then I remembered I have one :)

2 months ago I ordered two T-Shirts from Amazon, and I finally got them ! (they don't ship to Israel so I waited until someone we know will come from America). I ordered Jack Sparrow T-shirt and Eduard Scissorhands T-shirt.

I went to Alice In Wonderland this Sunday. I didn't like the movie at all. It was boring. and as Johnny Depp fan I was disappointed from the movie but  not from his acting. He is an amazing actor, the character reminded me a little bit Willy wonka.

Jacket - H&M
T-Shirt - Amazon
Leggings - H&M
Shoes - All Star
Neckless - Diva

Jacket - H&M
Long sleeve shirt - Fox
Jeans - Castro
Shoes - Oxford - Spring
Fish Neckless - Pull & Bear

Cardigan - From my mom.
T-shirt - Amazon
Short jeans - 24\7
Tights - Super farm
Shoes - All Star

Love ya <3

"All I wanna do is walk away, 
'Cause I don't wanna lie to you.."

I opened Lookbook :)


  1. I love the post, the outfits are very cute.
    I just have one little problem, the pictures are so tiny, I can bearly see what you're wearing.
    But other than that, I love this blog and I'll come again.
    Please come visit at my fashion blog too,
    Fashion Addict.

  2. TNX :)
    in the next post the pics will be bigger, promise :)
    i'll come visit!!

  3. stop being anorexicc !!!!

  4. Anorexic? i'm not anorexic at all!!!