Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hey, what's up everyone? :)
Passover vacation is ending in Wednesday, so i'm taking advantage of every single minute I have left from this awesome vacation. I was again in TLV 2 days ago, yesterday I was at home with my friends and today I went visit my family. On Monday i'm going to the beach with family & friends, and after that i'll see what i'm gonna do on the last 2 days of vacation.

Tank - Big shop
Shorts - 24\7
Bag - Cala
Shoes - Grip

Tank - Family
Cardigan - Pull & Bear
Leggings - Tamnoon
Shoes - C&A
Bag - H&M

Shirt - Mango
Skirt - ZARA
Shoes - Grip
Bag - H&M
Bow - H&M
*I posted this look to lookbook. :)

everyone who wants invitation to lookbook -
made a comment with your E-mail and i'll send it to you :)

Things I want:

Bye <3


  1. דווקא את הלבוש שהכי אהבתי שלחת ללוקבוק
    חח :-)
    והמגפונים המנומרים כאלה מהממיםםםםם
    ביום שתשיגי לך כאלה תודיעי לי אני אבוא לגנוב חח
    באלך לשלוח לי הזמנה ללוקבוק? ^-^
    שנה כבר אני מחפשת מישהו נדיב מספיק חחח

  2. I really love your outfits
    You know how to wear.

    Can I aks you please to send me an invitation
    to LOOKbook?
    My E-Mail is:
    Tanks and have a great day!

  3. TNX both of you :)
    I'll send the invitation soon.

  4. you are very cute, i really like your outfits :)
    you can chack my blog out [israblog] ^^
    oh, and if you want to link each other teel me