Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Still sick.. but hey, my parents are taking me today to eat Sushi! :) finally, leave the house.. I got crazy i'm already 2 weeks here, without friends.. \:
well, there might be an outfit post after the Sushi restaurant. it's a little bit hard to dress up pretty now after my leg got hurt and it's hard for me to walk normally (no heels, no sneakers, no flip flops..) 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm sick :\
I feel really bad and I just wannabe healthy again!
I miss my friends, I even miss school..
I didn't see my friends more then 3 days and it drives me CRAZY!@

p.s: I can't find a prom dress!!! my prom is in 4 weeks and I was at all the stores and I couldn't find anything!
I thought that i'll buy a dress from Topshop but I was there and I didn't like anything...
in Zara I tried 3 dresses but all of them looked bad..
I don't know what 2 do! 4 weeks it's a long time but i'm sick (-1 week) and I guess that when i'll come to the stores, it will be the same collection I saw last week.. not talking about the rehearsals for the graduation party, it will take a lot of my time ><"
Last season i saw a dress at Topshop, pink strapless with lace, i have so many regrets. Why the heel i couldn't buy her then.. it was soooo pretty i can't find a dress that is prettier than her.. 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

From a different pare of times :)

Here are some pictures from 2010, Enjoy :)
*don't get offensive from any picture, every pic was shoot for fun and not to hurt someone (I talk about the picture when I look Chinese.  I really like Chinese beauty, don't get me wrong, i'm trying as hard as I can to look like them, the Chinese woman are so beautiful!)

Jacket - Pull & Bear
Jack Sparrow Shirt - Amazon
Jeans Shorts - Mango
Two Tone Tights - Ebay
Boots - Ugg
Neckless - Top10
Bag - Cala

"Oh baby why don't you see, that all I ever wanted was you and me"