Tuesday, March 23, 2010

20.3 - B'day party.
Coat - Ravit Asaf , Skirt - S. wear, Tank - Family, Belt- Green, Shoes - 24\7

23.3 - TLV.
Skirt - H&M, Tank - Family, Short Sweater - H&M, Shoes- 24\7

19.3 - B'day party.
Coat - Dolce & Gabanna, Blue tank - TNT, White tank - Family, Shorts - Mango, Tights - H&M,
Neckless- H&O, Boots - Some shop in City Center.

I'm so bored. I got used to go out somewhere every day. but now i'm sitting at home and doing nothing. it drives me crazy ><". So I decided to look at a runway pics from Winter 2011. Here are some pics I like.

John Galliano




Topshop Unique

Naeem Khan - Gorgeous collection!

Ralph Lauren

Marchesa - Amazing collection, I wish I had all the dresses.



That's all, Love ya <3        

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