Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hey everyone! wow I wasn't here for a long time =[
Nothing interesting is going on with my life and i'm sooooo bored.
On Sunday all school tests are beginning, and i'll probably wont have any time for the computer. 
I have to get good grades, more then 85 so my private life will disappear for the next month.
Then, we have a graduation ceremony (i'm moving to high school next year, 10h grade :)),
and i'll have a lot of presser with that. And then finding a dress and shoes - well, that's my fav part :D

I went to eat sushi last night, and this is what I wore:
Long sleeve shirt - Fox
Jeans - ZARA
Bag - Cala
Ring - City center

I notice that my style is different from all other blogs.
My style is more simple, with a lot of accessories (usually), and wearing only one noticeable thing and one time. (like leopard tights, military jacket, ripped jeans, colorful T shirt and more..)
I'm glad that I finally have my own style :)))