Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm sick :\
I feel really bad and I just wannabe healthy again!
I miss my friends, I even miss school..
I didn't see my friends more then 3 days and it drives me CRAZY!@

p.s: I can't find a prom dress!!! my prom is in 4 weeks and I was at all the stores and I couldn't find anything!
I thought that i'll buy a dress from Topshop but I was there and I didn't like anything...
in Zara I tried 3 dresses but all of them looked bad..
I don't know what 2 do! 4 weeks it's a long time but i'm sick (-1 week) and I guess that when i'll come to the stores, it will be the same collection I saw last week.. not talking about the rehearsals for the graduation party, it will take a lot of my time ><"
Last season i saw a dress at Topshop, pink strapless with lace, i have so many regrets. Why the heel i couldn't buy her then.. it was soooo pretty i can't find a dress that is prettier than her.. 

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